The Wonders of Oz. Part III

Part II of this major Australian series: onto McLaren Vale, and the Clare and Eden Valleys

The Wonders of Oz. Part II

In part II of this major series on Australia, we travel to the cool Adelaide Hills

The Wonders of Oz. Part I

Parts 1 and 2 of a major five-part report from Australia: 10 regions, 220 wines.

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Wines of the Year

Visitor nominations 2016

Final batch of visitors' Wines of the Year 2016 now added.

Wines of the Year 2016

My Wines of the Year - and I invite you to send in your lists for publication

Wines of the Year 2015

Tom Cannavan's favourite wines of 2015 in eight categories

Essays & Opinions

A glass for Champagne

Tom Cannavan hunts for the ideal all-round glass for Champagne

Masterchef The Professionals head to head

Tom Cannavan dines in the restaurants of 2014 winner and runner-up on consecutive nights

A night at Château Pichon-Baron

Our competition winner enjoys a fabulous weekend in Bordeaux

Tom on TV

Rosé wines

TV designers Justin and Colin join Tom to taste three rosé wines

Floral wines

Tom holds it together as co-host Michelle McManus takes the giggles

Scottish connection

Wine tasting goes surreal as Tom is joined by comedian Noel Fielding