Palate Calibration Exercise 2017

Back in 2001 visitors to took part in the first ‘Palate Calibration Exercise’. Each person purchased the same wine, tasted it, and rated it using specific criteria. The idea was to calibrate our palates: we would gather the ratings and tasting notes from each participant, compare them, and discover how our assessment of a wine’s quality compared to others’ assessment. The findings were published on wine-pages with some basic statistical analysis to determine averages and so on.

The ‘PCE’ became something of a fixture, but has not been run since 2007. Ten years on seems the perfect time to try the experiment once again…

How to participate

Purchase a bottle of this wine:

Guigal, Côtes-du-Rhône, 2013

The wine is available from Waitrose at £7.99 on special offer until 21st March, in Ocado at £8.24 on special offer, and in Majestic at £13.99 or £10.99 if buying six mixed bottles. There are other sellers both in the UK and internationally, please see the list on This wine has been chosen largely because of its wide UK and international availability.

Please make sure you purchase the 2013 vintage for this exercise.

When to participate

Taste the wine and submit your notes any time before midnight on Friday 31st March 2017. At midnight all submitted tastings notes will be gathered and we will do some analysis on the findings before publishing the PCE 2017 results shortly afterwards.

The entry form

Please use the form below to submit you own findings on this wine – and thank you for participating in this experiment!

  • If you purchased in another currency please give an approximate conversion into pounds sterling
  • Your Tasting Note

    Please write your tasting note, divided into the four areas: nose, palate, overall assessment and, if you tasted with food, any difference that made.
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 20.

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