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(2017) Very attractive blend between a touch of creamy, waxy textural weight and tangy fruit with a nettle edge. The palate too has some weight and some fat, with a lemon jelly brightness but then that running stream clarity with the softer mouthfeel onto the long, very firm acidity in the finish
(2017) The family has been making wine in the Clare for 30 years. There's a firm green character to this single vineyard wine, with a suggestion of phenolic melon skins and lime rind, the palate delivering a shock of dry grapefruit pith acidity, a slightly fatter lime character coming through, but that chalky dry acidity punches through. Should mature nicely.
(2017) A slightly more floral and more elegant character on the nose than the Pikes, a touch of exotic fruit and waxiness. The palate has a real intensity, lemon and lime streaking through, a bit of wet pebble mineral character. Prettier than the Pikes.
(2017) From a 1973 vineyard, still worked by owners who are in their 80s. Quite a phenolic character, melon rind and light waxiness, with a touch of green, but streaking with juicy acidity, sharp apple and citrus fruit, but a little bit of bright lemony character too. For the future.
(2017) A blend of fruit from a 1960s dry-grown vineyard and a 1990s vineyard. A bit of richness here, a bit of smoky minerals, with again a mineral chalkiness to the acidity, a bit of more vivacious grapefruit and lime fruit.
(2017) Ripe, smoky and deeply waxy, a very pungently fragrant Riesling, with a beautifully clear and elegant palate, the acidity now a crystal clear and imbued with a sense of elegant freshness.
(2017) Very fresh and zippy, with a touch of really nice beeswax but love the freshness and zip, and the acid so beautifully integrated already.
(2017) Creamy and waxy, a delicious bright apple purity and streak of lime. A lovely midway point between the shimmering acid brightness of youth and the butter and wax development. long and minty into the finish.
(2017) It's fair to say that some of the tasters hadn't experienced top-level Clare Riesling before, and this baby Polish Hill delivered a great shock of electrically-charged lime and a little petrolly minerality that took some by surprise. The palate is so intense, riven by its citrus and tight apple fruit and that massive concentration of acidity. Needs five years or more to really sing, when its score may well notch up a point or two.
(2016) A Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris blend. Lightly cloudy orange wine, with a nutty and yeasty, but fresh and salty nose. Wonderfully pure juiciness and apple freshness, the palate is brimming with zest and clarity.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 17