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(2017) While Torres' Viña Sol Rosé is a deeper, frutier style, this from the company's Jean Leon brand is very much in the modern Provençal idiom. Organic and 100% Pinot Noir, it is very pale in colour and the aromas more about watermelon and delicate pomegranate, a light lemony character too. In the mouth it is bone-dry and super-fresh, a hint of peach, but again those watermelon-clear flavours, small red berries like redcurrants, and an extremely fresh and crisp finish.
(2016) Made from organically-grown Pinot Noir in Penedès in north-east Spain, this is fashionably pale in colour and has a cool, light cherry and raspberry-scented appeal, peachy too, but delicate. IN the mouth it is bone-dry with a stony mineral acidity, a touch of cherry bubblegum brightness, but the dry lemony acidity cleanses the finish.  The RRP is £13.99 and Last Drop Wines and Mill Hill Wines of London were quoted as stockists, but at time of review I can only see this with the Spanish stores quoted, who do ship to the UK.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2