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(2015) >From the cool southern vineyards of the recently developed Itata Valley, this is Torres' 12% alcohol dry Muscat that I have enjoyed in previous vintages too. Herby (dill, leafy parsley) and floral on the nose, there's fresh apple and lemon too. On the palate definitely a hint of sweetness to this, very easy-drinking in style, nectarine-like sweet fruit and good balancing acidity. Certainly off-dry, and a summer sipper if you wait until the sun shines again, but another natural partner to fresh and spicy Oriental cuisine.
(2013) High rainfall here (700mm) but still 1250 GDD and 15.3ºC diurnal range. 13% ABV. And to show Chile is definitely not all about playing it safe, is this Chile's first 'orange wine'? A natural wine made in 100-year-old clay amphora, it too is cloudy and yeasty, though the powerful Muscat character comes through strongly, the earthy, typically savoury and meaty aromas of natural wines in the background. Quite dry and steely on the palate, this has a hint of sweetness but finishes very dry and quite pithy. I rather liked this, though I confess more for the 'interesting' character rather than outright drinkability.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2