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(2013) Vinous nose, a touch earthy. On the palate a little more juicy, a red fruit character quite light, but spicy, if slightly dilute in the finish.
(2013) Quite a solid black fruit nose, a certain meatiness, a touch of meat stock rusticity. Palate has a little more density and weight, more flesh, with a powerful, full finish.
(2013) Fairly generic, vinous nose of dark berry fruit but seems a touch stewed perhaps, a touch of prune and plum. Very dry on the palate, the dryness of tannins as prominent as the fruit.
(2013) Vivid, youthful colour again, and a meaty nose, the slightly animal/Brett note a little worrying but not over-pronounced. The tannins coat the teeth and gums, very dry and savoury, but just about enough fruit. Quite an extracted style.
(2013) A little more mellow in colour and in aroma, with a soft, sappy edge and hint of strawberry. The palate has good fruit - it is lighter, the tannins a little more tender, allowing the fruit and spice to come through. A pleasing drinker.
(2013) Nicely dark fruited nose, quite plummy and mellow even a little chocolaty. The palate has good juiciness too, quite a lot of meaty tannin and spice, but balance is pretty good and it finishes with a bit of tangy freshness.
(2013) More mature colour and aromas, with a touch of caramel even to solid red fruit and a little violetty edge just showing through. The palate has a juiciness and a freshness, a nice core of creamy fruit set against the tannins. Dry but balanced and savoury.
(2013) A little bit more of a slightly lactic, less pure fruit character here, perhaps just a touch of oxidation. Second bottle better, cleaner, though there is perhaps a lack of mid-palate fruit and freshness. Dry on the finish.
(2013) A little paler in colour and a bright and primary nose of red fruits, but there's a leathery and gamy note too, a touch of the barnyard suggesting a light bretty character. Chocolate and sweet fruit on the palate is mouth-filling and rich, but the finish just a touch short and showing that slight drying quality.
(2013) Dry, Bretty edge to the nose, with the palate also showing that shortening effect of the Brett, but it has good fruit beneath. There's a juiciness here and a pleasing overall character, but it could have been so much better.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 11