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(2017) Plums and cherry skins on the nose, a touch of smouldering bonfire, in a nicely judged Merlot where sweet and ripe fruit has enough plushness without becoming too jammy, with easy-going tannins to give it a bit of grip.
(2010) Almost no oak. Most of the fruit comes from two farms owned by Morandé in Maipo and Rapel. Stainless steel ferment but at lower temperature than most reds. Glossy, bright fruit, with cherry and delicate, almost Beaujolais character. On the palate it has really nice, sweet, ripe fruit, a touch of plum or prune, but still that bright cherry fruit to the fore. Very delicious, straightforward Carmenère.
(2010) Central Valley. Rich and chocolaty nose, lots of ripe, creamy black fruit. The palate has a touch of earthy, gravelly quality but the sweet fruit pushes through, with low-ish acidity and a nice roughening edge of tannin.
(2010) Central Valley. Quite a creamy black fruit quality here, with a touch of nice pepperiness but greenness too. The palate has lovely fruit with a certain silkiness to the texture. Nice balance in this wine, the tannins and spice supporting juicy, but rounded fruit.
(2010) Central Valley. A touch of chocolate and wood smoke here, with quite plush, glossy black fruit. The palate has a drying tannin quality and a certain dustiness to the fruit, but it is very expressively Syrah with ref berries, a touch of peppery spice and a hint of chocolaty richness. Balanced and spicy.
(2010) Central Valley. A nice touch of herbaceous character here, a touch of leather and baked plum too. The palate has lots of juicy blackcurrant, that cassis and cherry skin tart edge very nice, and a fairly soft finish with smoothed-out tannins and good acidity. Tasty and drinkable this.
(2010) Central Valley. Bold, cherry and currant black fruit, the fruit expressive and bold. The palate has lovely fruit sweetness, the nicely dark, slightly inky touch to the tannins adding a fine, savoury character and the fruit and acidity fine in the balance.
(2010) Nice, rich, thick black fruit. A touch of peppery spice and the palate shows thick, ripe, rich fruit with a red fruit lightness and again that peppery, slightly herbal finish.
(2010) Aged in older barrels. Quite a tight, ripe but crisp black fruit character. The palate is ripe and doesn't show any green notes, and the cherry and black fruit stays quite focused. Nice sweet fruit finish.
(2010) 15% Viognier skins added to the ferment. Nine months in French oak, 30% new. Quite a lot of herby, tobacco notes here, something chocolaty too and a dusty blue/black fruit. The palate has a chewy, quite rustic feel to the tannins, but it makes it dense and savoury.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 21