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(2017) The wine pours a healthy colour: the semi-transparency of the variety and just a little tinge of brick suggesting it has spent considerable time in cask. The aromas are firm and spicy with savoury berry fruit, a touch of green/earthy character, but really quite inviting. The palate has that firmness and tight character too: some cheaper Barolo wines are fading after too long in wood, but not this: the tannins are grippy and quite sandy, the acidity is tight and the fruit, whilst not massively rich, does have a bit of juiciness giving the whole wine a savoury, umami appeal.
(2011) 14%. This Piedmontese Barbera has a touch of gamy character, but also a floral lift in a nose that is quite complex, with some old roses and cherry notes too. On the palate this is dry and has plenty of acidity and lean, sinewy tannin set against the crisp, cherryish fruit. This is certainly on the leaner side, with that lightly gamy, animal note adding to the savoury dryness in a wine that would be best with a big bowl of meatballs and spaghetti.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2