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(2021) Surprisingly developed in colour, this is 100% Sangiovese, and offers warming scents of brick, autumnal drying leaves and bramble fruit along with some spices. The palate is gentle and unruffled, good mature fruit and unobtrusive tannins. Acidity is cherryish and balances nicely.
(2021) Morellino di Scansano is an appellation towards the coast of Tuscany, making wines from the great grape of the region, Sangiovese. This oak-aged example has rich berry fruit on the nose, quite a subtle sheen of vanilla which is attractive, and hints of the cherry fragrance so often found in Sangiovese. In the mouth this is medium-bodied, with a creamy but elegant weight of fruit, smoothed and rounded tannins and good balancing acidity. Highly drinkable this.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2