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(2013) Named because the vineyard is on a site used to film a big movie about Napoleon Bonaparte. From a five-year-old vineyard, it has lovely tightness to the fruit, a black berry quality with some lifted notes of clove and kirsch-like cherry, that fine truffle and gently beetrooty quality. Some cassis here in a concentrated style. The palate has delicious focus too: there is such a pure line through this wine, the softly smoky oak wreathing around that deliciously dark but not heavy fruit, plenty of dry acidity and a bit of roughening tannin to maintain and edge, the soft juiciness of the fruit pushing back through to dominate the finish.
(2013) >From a four-year-old vineyard, this has a little more dark, liquoricy tones to the nose, with a pure black fruit and touch of floral and violet, yet really ripe and blackcurranty and direct. There's a coffeeish tone too, making it fairly plush for Pinot, with plenty of ripe, sweet, mouth-filling fruit and more weight and texture, plenty of spice too. Oak is the same, with 30% new, but seems to be a little more charry and deep, giving this a big, spicy finish where the sweet, sweet fruit pushes through.
(2013) All wild ferment, and Gordon says "it is worked very lightly, we are not going for a lot of extraction." Lovely light colour. Beautiful nose of soft truffle and gentle rhubarb and beetroot vegatility. Charming little smoky and tobacco influences and berry fruits. The palate has soft and elegant fruit, with delicious cherry and soft, dry red cranberry nuances. The finish balances the crispness of cherry acids, fruit and a touch of that earthy smokiness. Nicely maturing.
(2013) More custardy notes here, with the oak a little more obvious aromatically, the fruit seeming a little riper and more black fruited too. Lovely juiciness and a tighter profile, deliciously tight focus on the palate too, a sheen of oak giving just a little more focus and concentration. Deliciously long, arguably a little bigger.
(2013) Fruit not quite so forward here, more about gentle earthy spice and cedar. Some dry redcurrant and a touch of raspberry perhaps, and some definite herby/spicy notes. The palate is clean, lean and juicy. There's a really nice freshness to this, some delicious tang and vibrancy, the long, fresh finish touched by cherry and floral notes too. Lovely.
(2013) Youthful aromas, but slightly vegetal rhubarb and beetroot notes are there, lots of Pinosity and a nice truffle background. The oak is beautifully fragrant too, incense and Sandalwood touches. There is mouth-filling, creamy and silky texture on this, with very good fruit and that lightly truffly richness and texture nutty and long. Bright acidity cuts through the savoury richness and supple tannins.
(2013) Delightful nose, a touch of fudge and a touch of chocolate even, with those lifted, burning incense aromas from that so nicely chosen oak. The palate has the same fullness and richness of texture, but the cherry and herb-touched dry crunch of the fruit and racy, tight focus of citrus pith and mineral tang gives excellent balance. A very good vintage this.
(2013) >From lighter soils where roots go deep, with 5% of clay beneath decomposed granite. Fresh and tobacco-spiced, lightly leafy nose, the oak has the usual exotic fragrance, with the inclusion of stems (possibly?) adding just nice little herbal notes that add another element of complexity. Wonderfully fresh on the palate too, with a sweet-fruited appeal. There's a lightness of touch to this with cherry and almost rose-hip elegance, and a lovely finish - long and beautifully poised.
(2013) 13.5% Our 'Flagship style' wine according to Nadia, coming from their oldest vineyard which has a good depth of soil with 30% clay. Much darker and more dramatic, with a touch of toast and nicely ashy, incense-like oak. Not heavy, the purity of the fruit more about juicy summer berries than fatter, blacker fruit. A lovely elegant, exotic spice but definitely more firmness, more structure here. Juicy orange acidity and fruit quality, the tannins fairly grippy and robust but tight, the structured finish balanced between fruit and the layering of that tobacco and spice.
(2013) >From a vineyard only four kilometres from the sea with their shallowest soils over thick clay. Very tight on the nose, the wood adding just a sheen of polish to glossy fruit which is the driving force along with little pinpoints of clove and spices. Pure on the palate, this is all about the clean, tight, quite glossy ripe fruit, but then that structure comes through, the ripeness of the fruit matched by a little vegatility. Really fresh but powerful in the finish, an extra half degree of alcohol evident, but the balance is retained.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 23