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(2023) Viña Carmen winery, founded in 1850 so one of Chile's oldest, makes this fashionably pale rosé from eight mostly French varieties, but including Sangiovese and the local Pais. Soft summer fruits and berries on the nose with a touch of confit lemon. Easy drinking palate, light fruit flavours and no tannin to speak of, the acid balanced nicely so it finishes dry and savoury. On offer at just £6.50 at time of review.
(2020) Something a bit different in amongst a sea of Provençal styles on the market, this is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon which is deeply coloured following 36 hours skin contact. The nose is all confiture with Morello cherry and raspberry jam notes, and a sense of creamy roundness. In the mouth there's an unmissable bit of residual sugar, and balancing is not just some crisp acidity but a little tannin, which along with more berry-ripe fruit gives this a bit of savouriness to offset the sweetness of the finish.
(2013) 13.5%, Screwcap. This Fair Trade wine from Chile's Central Valleys is a strikingly deep colour, as much light red as rosé. Curranty and cherry and blackcurrant filled on the nose, there is a suitable weight and fullness of fruit on the palate too; loads of sweet black and red fruits, hints of spices and a very full-flavoured (and delicious) rosé, but don't come here looking for the pale and genteel style.
(2013) 13.5%, Screwcap. Very attractive raspberry and herb-touched fruit on this organic pink, with a lovely melony freshness. The palate has delicious acid punch, a sour apple and orange and grapefruit blast, making it a really food friendly and savoury rose. Fine.
Displaying results 0 - 4 of 4