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(2022) From the Corent appellation that is only for rosé wines, this comes from a co-op in the Puy-de Dôme département and is a wine I really enjoyed for its bite and 'certainty'. Perhaps the volcanic soils gave the Pinot Noir and Gamay that edge, but the palate has a fat, pure lemony thrust that scythes through the small red berries, into a long, concentrated and decisive finish. Pretty delicious.
(2017) From the Loire Valley, this is a Vin 'Gris', a local description for the wine style you and I know as rosé. It's made from the indigenous Pineau d'Aunis variety, and comes from a small vineyard specifically managed to make this rosé wine. The colour is fashionably pale, and it has mouth-watering aromas that immediately suggest it will be dry and savoury, with small red fruits and a crack of pepper, and a fine raspberry-like suggestion of tartness. In the mouth there's a certain creaminess, but its that crisp red fruit and crunchy red apple freshness that pushes forward, some real presence here, even a nip of spicy tannin, and a good long finish.
(2016) This Loire rosé made from Pinot Noir is a personal favourite with FvD's owner Esme Johnsons, and offers a refined raspberry and cherry freshness and hint of tannin as it hits the palate to add seriousness. Huge acid backbone adds a savoury elegance and structure, but still fresh and easily approachable.
(2015) A pale cherry-pink hue to this rosé Pinot Noir, with a very fresh cherry nose too, the elegant, cool fruit showing some nicely mineral and grassy edges, but that red fruit is the key here. In the mouth it has copious fruit sweetness; a whole fruit bowl of summer berries, but such a nice lick of acidity to add a dry, savoury grippiness to the finish, the medium-bodied, quite creamy texture finishing with fine citrus juiciness. A savoury and delightful rosé.
Displaying results 0 - 4 of 4