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(2021) Logically enough perhaps, a pink wine made from Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir and made in stainless steel. No UK stockists at time of review. A confectionary, cherry-lips nose, all bright fruit and icing sugar, a little creaminess in the background. In the mouth it is sweet, but that's mostly fruit rather than residual sugar, a smooth strawberry shortcake charm, with only moderate acidity so it finishes smooth, easy and relatively broad.
(2019) What hellish thing is this I have before me? A pink Sauvignon Blanc from Malrborough, bottled in Alsace for an Australian drinks brand. I can only guess the colour comes from blending in a little Pinot Noir or other variety local to Marborough. Quite pale and delicate in hue, it's exactly what you might expect: pungently and vivdly Marlborough Sauvignon, but with a little added dimension of red berry fruit. In the mouth plenty of lemon and lime punch, a little grassiness, a little sweetness too, a pulpy strawberry touch just in the finish that is otherwise dry.  If you accept that it is a totally manufactured artefact, cynically fusing together the two crazes for Sauvingnon and rosé, then I cannot deny it is punter-friendly, has unusual personality for a pink, and the total not as dreadful as the sum of its parts.
(2015) 12.5% abv. Relatively subtle, dry small red berries, but the palate explodes with flavour after a string of pale and interesting Provence examples, big raspberry burst of tangy fruit, and a nice personality-packed finish - crisp, but juicy and flavourful. On offer, and also available in magnum.
(2011) The best news about this Pinot Noir rosé is that it is in Bibendum's sale, which runs July 19th - August 1st, reduced to
Displaying results 0 - 4 of 4