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(2021) The nose is rather neutral on this Alsace Riesling, apple and lemon, maybe the vaguest suggestion of honey. On the palate there's some residual sweetness, and good clarity, lemon being the predominant note to fruit and acidity. If you are an Alsace fan looking for incisive character of the best Rieslings it may disappoint, but it falls into the category of 'very pleasant' rather neatly. Part of the Lidl summer 2021 wine tour.
(2017) This is a dry, straight down the middle style of citrussy Riesling, but very nice done. Crisp and only lightly aromatic, its the concentrated, pithy lemon of the fruit and direct, apple core dryness that drives through the finish, not carrying any excess weight, clean as a whistle.
(2016) Sylvaner may be one of the less lauded varieties of Alsace, but it has a long and noble history in the region and Beyer's example is pale, crisp, fresh and most enjoyable with its zippiness from first mouthful to aftertaste, lemon rind bite and sheer apple acidity. Its a fine sipping dry wine, or all rounder for fish, salads and lighter supper dishes.
(2010) Fairly subdued citrus nose, a touch of dry, underripe apple fruit. Very nice acidity, the palate shimmering with a light, a fantastic balance and focus with the dry finish just enlivened by glimpses of a sweeter, more exotic fruit at the core. Long, poised and delicious.
(2006) Nice herby, pungent, nettle edge to this, with ripe apple and melon fruit. An edge of sweetness on the palate, with flattering off-dry weight and richness, but this is nicely balanced by acidity and quite stylish. , £5.99.
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5