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(2022) I'm a huge fan of Chablis, if push came to shove, it would arguably be my favourite Chardonnay region among many. I couldn't help feeling a little underwhelmed by this offering from Simonnet-Febvre. It's not that I don't appreciate the cool restraint and crisp, clarity of the wine, it's just that it's combination of medium-ripe apple fruit and citrus really doesn't sing of the Fourchaume terroir.
(2020) From Vaillons, one of the largest of Chablis' Premier Cru vineyards, this is not the most expressively 'mineral' renditions of Chablis terroir. It's a subtle wine, some gentle floral aspects to fairly straightforward orchard fruits on the nose, a background hint of something peachier comes through, and yes, just a hint of something flinty. In the mouth it is quite a substantial wine, generous acidity edges fairly fleshy, ripe, but focused fruit; there's tension here but also weight and substance.
(2017) Though Beaune may be more familiar as a red wine, the appellation covers white wines too, in this case a blend from different Premier Cru parcels matured for around 10 months in oak, about 15% new. Oatmeal and almond toastiness at first, a hint of spice and modest apple fruit. In the mouth very good ripeness, lots of pear and apple, a hint of something orangey to the acidity, then the infill of the spices and wheatmeal and oatmeally oak again. Enjoyable, though perhaps a touch abrupt.
(2016) Subtle minerality, some green notes touching fig and a light green vegetal charcter, and a freshness and flowing acidity on the palate to match some sweet orchard fruits. But where’s the Chablis terroir here? A nice wine, bright and balanced, but a bit disappointing for Grand Cru Chablis. Tank sample, so score is cautious.
(2016) An open, generous nose, nutty and earthy, with plenty of sweet oak and a dry apple core fruitiness. On the palate plenty of juice and apple, and a lemony freshness. Quality here, not particular mineral.
(2016) Oatmeally and a little fresher than the Vaudesir, with a nice bright focus and a little more thrills and spills, but a big ripe style, with good acidity.
(2016) A tiny leafy note with lovely fruit, but so much oak. I found it impossible to dig through to any Vaudesir character, though once again it is a very good white Burgundy in a heavily oaked style.
(2016) A little more vanilla here, honey and sweet fresh character, with a nice juiciness at the core, though again it is very dry, touches of honey and sweet apple revealed through the mid palate with a little fat, but a long and concentrated finish that is quite stylish.
(2016) A little closed and mute, not terribly expressive aromatically, and though the palate has a nicely textured weight and intensity, it is not particularly fruity: more about a savoury earthiness and a touch of salt and lemon in the finish. No UK stockists listed at time of review.
(2016) Flint and intense complex notes, a bit of wood evident, but plenty of ripeness. The palate has cool orchard fruits, a lime-like intensity, and a decisive acidity in the finish. Juicy and concentrated.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 12