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(2021) The only white wine tasted here, though the domaine also produces a Chevalier-Montrachet, the 'Cailleret' name of this Premier Cru comes from the high pebble presence in the vineyard, planted in 1976 and purchased from the Chartron family in 2004. Benoit explains that historiclly it was regarded as a 'Grand Cru', but some historical local politics meant it enjoys the Premier Cru designation. There's a gorgeous lemon-butter shortbread richness on the nose, but that does not dominate: a steely, stony citrus takes the honours. In the mouth a great thrust of lemon again and a really intriguing orange note to the acidity, almost like the bite of a Negroni, shimmering with energy into the long finish. A delicious bitter-sweet and long finish to the wine.
(2016) What an interesting wine at almost 20 years old, so much developed wax and petrol, a toastiness, fabulous mineral length but with biscuit richness coming through,  tiny honey and pollen notes but still terrific acidity.
(2016) Has that asparagus vegetal streak, but also lots of hot stones and gentle flint. There is spice here too, in a wine that is tightly furled but hugely layered and complex. On the palate it is all citrus acidity and fruit at the moment, the acid lifting and extending the finish, fabulous intensity and minerality. The juice and clarity is superb - needs plenty of time.
(2016) For the first time the oak is noticeable here, adding a layer of vanilla and of nuttiness to hugely fresh, streaking green fruit. Lift and power of the flint is there, but under the fruit. Great concentration.
(2016) Beautiful nose, only the merest hint of delicious and natural oxidation, giving lovely nuttiness and sweetness. The palate is superbly sweet and it has real mineral freshness. The cool vintage gives this seriously nice edge and mineral definition into a long finish.
(2016) A very late vintage, harvested in October. Big, powerful Jack Daniels nose, plenty of depth of aroma, a little coconut and some charming little floral notes emerging. Lots of layered subtle complexity here. The palate has delicious sweetness of fruit, hints of the exotic, but a fine, pure palate with beautiful balance.
(2016) Gorgeous fresh but nutty refinement, with such lovely hazelnut and orange notes, citrus skins and some salts. Beautifully fruity palate with delicious sweetness allied to piercing freshness of the acidity, but the toast and power of the structure and fruit depth power through. Considerable cellaring potential.
(2016) Wears the oak very lightly, a gentle custard and almond background, some complex sulphide reduction that suggests long life, but really focused on the tight, fresh orchard fruits. The palate is limpid and pure, another fine Corton with slippery texture and the fresh juice of lemons and limes, and a hint of fat, of peach in the mid palate before a long and very fresh finish.
(2012) Hugely deep, aromatic nose of Brazil nut and coffee, there's a fabulous perfume and power here, of minerals and wet stones, with little floral nuances. The palate has a touch of honey and toffee, with lovely texture and limpid weight, the beautifully poised acidity giving a savoury edge with an almost meaty power and huge length.
(2012) The nose is deep and sensuous, lots of briar and truffle and lightly earthy and gamy notes, the fruit fading very slightly, but more than compensated by that delicious focus and hint of honeyed opulence into a very long finish.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 10