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(2023) Once again there's some sugar here, with 5.9g/l, on soils of schist, gravel and clay. The vineyard is 17 years old, and sits at some altitude - 288 to 313 metres. Moderately aromatic, the typical Gewurz aromatics there but restrained and subtle. In the mouth this tastes pretty dry, with some phenolics picked up from skins and some time in older barrels. 50% was also wild yeast fermented which adds some textural and aromatic complexity, but perhaps at the expense of Gewurz exuberance. The touch of sweetness in the finish offsets a slightly bitter citric element nicely, and the subtle perfume of lychee does translate into a little juiciness. No UK retail stockists at time of review.
(2020) Lovely rich ripe and figgy fruit, leesiness and cream. Dry - bone dry - with an apple core directness and fine savoury length. Juicy and lemony in the finish, and spritely. No UK retail listing at time of review.
(2020) The difference in alcohol is striking between this and the Cox's Vineyard PG, and speak to the different styles. Rich, mealy, stone fruit aromas, the palate really dry again, surprisingly so, but much more grip here, less finesse arguably, but a fine, dry mouthful of wine. No UK retail listing at time of review.
(2020) Nice herbal nose, with richness and creaminess coming through in the aroma, and texture, the super sweet fruit of apricot and yellow plum, but striking pithy grapefruit acidity. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2020) Aged and made in old oak. Fine beeswax and paraffin style, a little lime jelly note, but quite a dry, full flavoured style on the palate, loads of acidity, bracing and salty, into a balanced, long finish. No UK retail listing at time of review.
(2020) The very first release of this new wine. Fresh green colour. Citrus and melon, all made in old oak, gives a nice earthiness and touch of creaminess. A serious edge to this, though the dry apple and melon fruit is bountiful. Lots of structure and richness in a dry but rich style. NO UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2020) An unusual white, made from Pinot Noir given minimal skin contact, so it has the faintest tinge of copper to the colour. A lovely nose, with crispness and crunch, a touch of yeastiness and plenty of crunchy apple fruit, a touch of zesty orange. Nice mouthfeel, a little sweetness, but the freshness and lemony acidity comes through.
(2015) Quite subtle, very lightly oaked. The palate has a lot of sweetness, a really ripe sweetness but perhaps not the ultimate balance or complexity of some of the others. Not sure where this would be from - possibly New World? Tasted blind.
Displaying results 0 - 8 of 8