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(2021) This wine has gone really well for Akitu, the volume increasing again this year. It's a very young wine, but is dominated by cold ferment pear-drop and raspberry and cherry sweet notes. There is blossom and soft summer fruit there. In the mouth there does seem to be a considerable sweetness, but then orange and ripe red fruit surges through. There's a little tannin and chewiness at the core of this, with very good lemon zest acidity adding another thread to the finish. It's a fascinating wine of Ying and Yang qualities, substance and delicacy, sweetness and grown-up sourness, and interesting mix of light and heavier textures from front to back of palate. Interestingly, Andrew says "It is a white wine," when pressed, and PJ agrees, even though you will find its colour deeper than many a Provence rosé.
(2020) A little bit of flint and minerals here, "all natural and not winemaking," according to Blair Walters. A hint of passion fruit and lovely cut and freshness, grapefruit and some oatmeal filling in. The palate has juiciness and a racing, elegant acid structure, the lick of salts and pure fruit running through this beautifully.
(2020) Made from 100% Mendoza clone. Intense mineral sense to this, with more limey fruit intenstity than the Block 6 perhaps, and a touch of creaminess off-setting a little bit flint in this bottling. Lovely balance, with salinity to the acidity and the ripeness of the fruit, gentle creamy oak.
(2020) A tinge of green in the colour here, very refined, a hint of wild herbs, of thyme perhaps, with a light earthy note. The palate has beautifully honed fruit, just a creaminess and subtle almonds oak, with sweet pear and spiced pear compote, with a long, fine finish.
(2020) EBM = 'extended barrel maturation'. Leesy and rich notes initially, a touch of Brazil nut butteriness (though still only 15% new oak), the extended aging in barrel rounding the wine and perhaps softening the aromatics, though still quite punchy and figgy, intense and rich, though that acidity still cuts through wonderfully, real tang and verve into a long finish. No UK retailer at time of review.
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5