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(2021) A really nicely made Viognier this, from Viu Manent's Colchagua estate, 13.5% and well balanced. The nose offers precise pear and light peach fruit aromas, a hint of vanilla in there too. On the palate the fruit is ripe and sweet0edged, more peach and flirting with mango and tropical notes, but very good, dry, slightly salty lemon acidity pushes out the finish. Quite a concentrated style, but well done.
(2018) A really nice, cool-character Chardonnay from Colchagua's more coastal vineyards, fermented with wild yeasts and with only a small proportion fermented and aged in French oak. Lime and peach fruit touched by creamy oak lead on to a palate that's citrussy and fresh, with a nice saline lick of salty acidity, and a long finish where the ripe fruit and creamy oak just fattens nicely.
(2013) Not ostensibly different to the wine above. Is it perhaps a little less exotically fruited and a little more linear? Good, cool precision with a similar blend of rich fruit, toast and fresh acidity.
(2013) >From Lolol, a cool, Pacific-influenced area of coastal Colchagua, a higher proportion (55%) is again fermented and matured in French oak, this time for six months. The cream and cashew of the oak dominates the nose, but the signature apricot and peach of the variety comes through very nicely, with little nuances of nuts and of spices. On the palate it is full and powerful, with 14.5% alcohol and plenty of ripe, rich concentration. The sweetness of fruit meets some alcoholic heat just in the finish. I guess whether you prefer this to the Reserva above depends on your liking/tolerance for the bigger style of Viognier, but I'd certainly drink more of the Reserva.
(2010) >From Angostura in Colchagua, this Chardonnay has a fine, appealing nutty Cox's Pippin character with traces of almond and a teasing glimpse of more tropical fruit. The oak is orangy and toasty and not overdone. On the palate it is a pretty big wine, with an oiliness to the texture and great concentration on the mid-palate where the very sweet, ripe fruit plays against some buttery brazil nut flavour before pithy citrus acidity kicks in. It is a trace hot in the finish perhaps with 14% alcohol, but nevertheless is a very nice, serious rendition of Chardonnay.
(2010) >From Lolol, another cool, Pacific-influenced area of coastal Colchagua, this spends three months in French oak. Terrific nose: essence of apricot with a fresh pear tang too, just a faint nuttiness in the background. On the palate this has very nice fruity precision. It has a concentrated, powerful edge to it with 14.5% alcohol and real fruit intensity, perhaps verging on being a little to intense. I like the lack of flabbiness and orangey crispness and clarity of the finish.
(2010) >From Paredones, another part of 'coastal Colchagua', this Sauvignon has a sense a minerality about it from first sniff: there's a salty, stony, slightly flinty aspect, and beneath some understated notes of tropical fruit and touches of herbal, leafy qualities. On the palate it retains that focus and dry minerality, though a deal of ripe, sweet fruit fills out the mid-palate, and a big, pith, zesty grapefruit tang brings the finish to a fine point. Classy stuff.
(2010) Lovely punchy nose, the greengage and gooseberry pungency punching through, nice sense of something nettly and mineral. The palate has lovely texture and fruit, with lots of citrus and an orange fruitiness. Very clean and crisp, lovely style.
Displaying results 0 - 8 of 8