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(2021) Fascinating for me because I visited Carmen not so long ago and saw their experimental winery full of amphorae, concrete eggs and all sorts of winemaker toys, and this wine, 100% Semillon, is a result of those experiments. Like Sherry, this a small batch aged under flor. Winemaker Emily Faulconer discovered a tank with a layer of flor on her first vintage with the team, which she used it to inoculate a single barrel of Semillon, this #2 edition now four barrels and 1,000 bottles. More earthy than yeasty, I don't find the nose of this highly regarded wine totally convincing, perhaps a touch lactic and 'interesting' rather than appealing. The palate certainly changed that picture, bone dry and surging with citrus and salts, the energising blast of the fruit and acidity is striking. Would I drink a lot of this? Possibly not, but a worthy experiment. A tough wine to rate given its unique profile, and not currently for sale in the UK.
Displaying results 0 - 1 of 1