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(2019) Lovely sense of mealy creaminess with 60% of the fruit barrel fermented and aged in new 500-litre barrels. Nutty but fresh too, beautiful fruit ripeness, so tangy with a lime and tangerine acidity and a delightful creaminess to the texture again. Price quoted is when bought by the six-bottle case. Take the wine-searcher link for other stockists, where single bottle price is around £24.00
(2012) Cool, clear, gently smoky and ashy, lovely stuff. The oak adds some creaminess, but all about clarity. On the palate quite pure, cool and long. Certainly on the lean side - arguably a bit austere - but fresh and vital.
(2011) Luis describes Encruzado as a very stable grape, producing good flavours year after year. Around 65% of this was fermented in new French oak to intensify the flavour as on its own "Encruzado is citrus, citrus, citrus." This shrugs off the oak on the nose to show bright citrus character, just background toast and spice, but it does give a nice layer of interest. Touches of pineapple in the background. The palate has quite a rich leesiness, the oak sitting nicely beneath with a nutty, lightly creamy texture and a bold, long finish. Grippy, pithy, a very interesting wine.
(2011) Lovely fragrance and aromatics. Lots of citrus but a hint of riper, more tropical character too, with very fine, sherbetty notes and a touch of oatmeal. The palate lacks a little concentration or weight perhaps, but that very clean, zesty lemon comes through powerfully and gives this some real tang and grip in the finish, with a little spice too.
(2010) Grape Varieties: Encruzado, Cercial, Malvasia, Gouveio. Lovely nose, fairly understated with orchard fruits and a sense of oatmeally richness, some mineral notes too. The palate has delicious tang and vibrancy, the lemony, pithy acidity making this very food friendly.
(2006) Lovely fresh, creamy nose, with cool pear fruit, a nice melony character. The palate has a very dry, pithy, dry white fruit character. There's a touch of nutty Cox's Pippin fruit, and a lemony acidity in a very dry, food-friendly finish.
(2006) A 50/50 blend of Cercial and Bical, two-thirds in older oak barrels. There's a sense of more plushness, on the nose here, but the fruit is still dry and nutty white fruit. On the palate lovely elegance and freshness, with pear skins and lemon rind notes, and a dry minerality. These wines are crying out for some fish or seafood, but lovely finesse and clarity.
(2006) Fermentation starts in French oak barrels, then is moved to stainless steel to finish. Lovely honeyed edge and a little creamy note, with some rich fruit notes, a touch of caramel. Lovely weight and juiciness on the palate, with a little buttered toast quality from very nicely managed oak. Fleshy mid-palate texture gives way to searing citrus and mineral acidity. Finishes with lovely clean sweep of crisp fruit. Charming wine.
(2006) Encruzado is a specifically Dão variety, now becoming more popular across Portugal. 65% fermented in oak with battonage, rest in steel. This variety takes the oak much better than the Malvasia. A lovely nutty, honeycomb and lightly charry oak quality, with a touch of caramel and mint humbug. On the palate the oak is pushed into the background by very ripe, pure apple fruit with plenty of bite and freshness. Deliciously tangy and long. Around 12,000 bottles.
(2006) 1,200 bottles. A very difficult grape to grow, requiring masses of work in the vineyard, and has almost died out. Fermented in old 650 litre barrels. Fine pear fruit and nicely perfumed, with a little floral note and ripe melon. On the palate there is lovely richness, with just a touch of creaminess and really nice fruit. The acidity has a touch of minerality to it, with fine, dry lemony fruit. Very fine.
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