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(2015) Fabulously bright, shimmering stuff with fresh pea and grass, but much more about the piercing freshness and directness of the grapefruit and subtle tropical fruit. Beautiful acidity.
(2015) Much lighter oak quality here, much more melon skins and a bit of grippy skin contact perhaps? The palate has quite a full texture, a really lovely juiciness and much more concentration that the previous wine. A really bold and flavourful wine with excellent balance and persistence. Quite a natural wine feel to this and lovely clarity. Very good, very possibly Elgin. Tasted blind.
(2015) Plenty of creamy oak and ripeness, but some floral and aromatic character with the palate boasting loads of fat lemony fruit that is racy with a glittering acid quality. Could well be Elgin, and a wine with lovely fruit, apple acidity and cool qualities, even orangey in the finish. Delightful.Tasted blind.
Displaying results 0 - 3 of 3