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(2022) Bottled in the 'Frugalpack' paper bottle that is recyclable and low weight, so is environmentally advantageous. This wine comes from East Anglia. It has some of the Bacchus elderflower character, very zippy and fresh. In the mouth a big squirt of lime and grapefruit, still some of that Sauvignon-like hedgerow leafiness, but citrussy and zingy. Only 3,000 bottles produced.
(2022) It's not the first time I've reviewed a wine packed in the innovative paper 'bottle' - made from 94% recycled paper with a recyclable plastic lining. Weighing just 83g, its carbon footprint is one sixth of a glass bottle. Grapes come from the Redbrook Estate in Essex, and the 11% ABV wine was fermented with the same yeasts commonly used in Marlborough for Sauvignon Blanc. The nose, however, is not pungently Marlborough in style; instead it is more about chamomile and gentle floral notes, some elderflower English hedgerow character and peach and pear fruit. In the mouth the Sauvignon-like, herbal twang is more in evidence, the fruit juicy and quite sweet, sitting against a core of lemony acidity. It's an easy-drinking wine, perhaps a little too sweet for some, but an interesting addition to the English table wine story. £14.99 as part of a mixed dozen. Watch the video for more information.
(2021) Now here's a first for me: a wine from Gateshead in the northeast of England. The story is not quite what it seems, as the fruit was drawn from other areas of England, but it was vinified by Elise Lane at her urban winery in the city. It's also Fortnum's first English still wine. It opens with piercing summer hedgerow notes of elderflower and freshly cut hedging, the fruit is gooseberry and citrus. In the mouth there's a charming, spangle-bright fruity note, but the cool cucumber and minty, very summery character wins out. It is a tiny bit dilute in the finsh, something I often find in English Bacchus, but it is charming and has plenty of personality.
(2020) A particularly pungent Bacchus this, from Hush Heath's Kent vineyards, a piercing, high-toned herbaceous character dominating the aroma. Vivid, grassy and zinging with citrus and elderflower, the palate has a sour lemony bite, a featherweight texture (with only 11% alcohol) and it is dry with green herbs and citrus streaking through the finish. It's not a wine I could drink a lot of perhaps, almost like a fairly extreme Marlborough Sauvignon in its vivacious character, but character it is has. Watch the video for more information.
(2019) A bit of a ringer for a Sauvignon Blanc, this is made from Bacchus, a German cross of Riesling and Müller-Thurgau that is popular in England because of its ability to ripen well in cooler climates. Fresh and grassy on the nose, with that elderflower and English hedgerow character, before a crisp and very dry palate, a grapefruit juice tang and juiciness, perhaps just a touch dilute in terms of texture and mid-palate weight.
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5