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(2016) Delightful Riesling nose with gentle waxiness and saltiness in the baclground and a lovely sour apple and lemon fruit. Intensely dry with a chalky mineral acidity, very refreshing with lots of pithy lemon acidity. Price quoted is for the 2012 vintage - 2013 not in UK at time of writing.
(2016) From Leyda, a pungent, flinty and elderflower nose, but 10% ageing in barrels also gives a soft creamy note, a hint of oatmeal and then those leafy tones as well as ripe, peachy, orangy fruit. The palate has a rich mouthfeel, but there’s a tropical nectarine and pineapple quality to the fruit, real richness and a certain fat and texture, all that sweetness playing against fresh, lightly salty minerality from granitic and calcareous soils.
(2016) Subtle orange and grapefruit, just gentle herbaceous background. The palate has the same with such a rush of fresh grapefruit, clear acidity and a touch of mineral salts. Not hugely complex, but attractive. I cannot see this listed by Majestic at time of writing, but am assured they will carry it.
(2016) 50% wild ferment and a few months lees ageing. More capsicum and green bean oiliness and punch. More concentration, with hints of nectarine and papaya, then a big core of very juicy apple and lemon acidity. Deliciously focused and textural.
(2016) Properly pungent Sauvignon Blanc aromas, with herbal and lightluy floral lift, very vibrant and fresh, with a juicy pomegranate and passion fruit presence. Full, but sharply definied.
(2015) Made for Asda by Luis Felipe Edwards, fruit comes from the cooler, coastal Sauvignon hotspot of Leyda. Punchily verdant and vibrant on the nose, asparagus and green beans meet light tropical fruits, and a zesty lime peel touch. The palate is cool and balanced, with really zingy, crisp grapefruity freshness, tempered by more of that delicate passionfruit tropicality, and a long dry finish. Exemplary really, and deliciously a point for the lover of this vivacious style. £, Asda
(2013) Around 1200 GDD, with a diurnal range of 12.3ºC. 13.5% ABV. From granitic soils this is a shimmering, youthful green. Distinctly herbal, not so much grassy as showing asparagus and green bean notes, though a touch of fig and melon skins gives depth. On the palate a huge grapefruity tang of flavour and acidity, it is very dry, the pithy citrus finish relieved by a little oiliness to the texture.
(2011) Quite unctuous fruit on the palate hinting at lychee and mango.
(2010) Much more subdued, misses all that piercing green fruit character of the Elqui wine, with just a soft leafy background and a passionfruit character. The palate has good, fresh fruit - lots of lemony zest, and really punchy fruit, perhaps a little more body and texture, and a bit of grip in the finish. Not in UK.
(2010) Rich, ripe, very tropical fruit with lots of papaya and lychee, with some lemon zest. Beautiful palate too, the fruit and freshness pushing through, and though it perhaps lacks a touch of weight on the mid palate, it has a delightful, fresh finish.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 19