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(2016) Delightful Riesling nose with gentle waxiness and saltiness in the baclground and a lovely sour apple and lemon fruit. Intensely dry with a chalky mineral acidity, very refreshing with lots of pithy lemon acidity. Price quoted is for the 2012 vintage - 2013 not in UK at time of writing.
(2016) From Leyda, a pungent, flinty and elderflower nose, but 10% ageing in barrels also gives a soft creamy note, a hint of oatmeal and then those leafy tones as well as ripe, peachy, orangy fruit. The palate has a rich mouthfeel, but there’s a tropical nectarine and pineapple quality to the fruit, real richness and a certain fat and texture, all that sweetness playing against fresh, lightly salty minerality from granitic and calcareous soils.
(2016) 50% wild ferment and a few months lees ageing. More capsicum and green bean oiliness and punch. More concentration, with hints of nectarine and papaya, then a big core of very juicy apple and lemon acidity. Deliciously focused and textural.
(2016) Properly pungent Sauvignon Blanc aromas, with herbal and lightluy floral lift, very vibrant and fresh, with a juicy pomegranate and passion fruit presence. Full, but sharply definied.
(2010) A blend of two clones - one from Davis and one from France. The former gives tropical aromas, the latter gives citric and finesse, The nose has a rich, ripe, almost liniment-like quality, with some soft herbs and seeds and a background of mango-like, tropical fruit. The palate has a powerful, skinny weight and texture, with plenty of acidity, but a richness of flavour and bit of phenolic grip. "Made with a philosophy of being drunk with a nice plate of food - iodine flavours of seafood".
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5