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(2023) The coastal Leyda Valley is one of Chile's hotspots for cooler, ocean-influenced vineyards that suit varieties like Sauvignon Blanc. A small proportion of this sees fermentation in barrels, but it presses all the KSauvignon buttons. Pungent elderflower and loads of passion fruit and lychee to the aromas and palate. Lots of fruit here, limey acidity and a sweetness to the character just enriched by a background creamy component. It will undoubtedly please lovers of the vivacious Marlborough style, though verges on being a little too obvious for me.
(2021) Made from the still relatively rare Sauvignon Gris, which has seen something of a mini-boom in Chile, this has some pungency and herbaceous, nettly character, but a musky melon note too. In the mouth this is richer than most Sauvignons Blanc, mealy and textured, with bold peach and crisp apple fruit giving sweetness and a bit of cut, a wine you might not drink a lot of I suspect, but rather delicious for a glass or two.
(2016) Subtle orange and grapefruit, just gentle herbaceous background. The palate has the same with such a rush of fresh grapefruit, clear acidity and a touch of mineral salts. Not hugely complex, but attractive. I cannot see this listed by Majestic at time of writing, but am assured they will carry it.
(2011) Quite unctuous fruit on the palate hinting at lychee and mango.
(2010) Leyda. Much more grassy and crisp, but also flinty and smoky. That herbaceous punch comes through with lime and lemon fruit. Very crisp and grassy on the palate, with a big gooseberry punch of fruit, tropical overtones and lots of juicy citrus and minerality.
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5