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(2016) Richly fruited, not so much pungency but a lovely crispness and frsh apple clarity. Again this has the thrilling clarity and electric core of acidity, very long but bone dry and invigorating.
(2010) Comes from the higher quality parts of the vineyard, fermented in Burgundian French oak and aged 10 months. Beautifully creamy, hazelnut nose, with aromatic spices and notes of fennel and flint. The palate has a core of salty minerality, with a creamy texture, but quite a tight, focused fruit quality - citrus and fresh cut apple juiciness, with an orangy note to the acidity. Quite lean and delicious.
(2010) The first release from the new Calica vineyard near the coast that I visited. A Sauvignon in the stony, flinty, mineral mould, with only very subdued green aromatics, leafy herbs and a huge core of citrus. There is terrific bite and decisiveness to this, with that cool and flinty core to it. Very concentrated.
(2010) Very aromatic - lots of pepper and lots of floral aromatics, with little notes of ginger and even a certain smokiness. On the palate it is fruity and fresh, with really good acidity and a lovely freshness in the finish. A really nice, easy drinking Viognier that it not too phenolic or rich.
Displaying results 0 - 4 of 4