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(2023) The first ever vintage, and 13 years on still such a beautiful nose. OK, there's a little more of the pea pod character of aged Sauvignon, but not aggressively so, and a shimmer of oak is still apparent. The fruit stays dense and sweet through the mid-palate, with lovely acid balance to that inherent ripeness and fruit density. Holding on well, though perhaps the one that should be drunk fairly soon. Bottled in August 2010. pH 3.25 and acidity of 7.2 g/l. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2023) Quite a different take this, I suspect some new oak in there and 75% went through malolactic rather than the 66% which is the more recent recipe. It certainly displays more creamy, nutty character, but the barrel is a lot less obvious than when last tasted in 2016. Instead it has a natural, lightly yeasty and earthy nose, more 'natural' feeling. The fruit is dense and peachy ripe, but great weight and texture here, length too, with relatively high total acidity to act as a counterpoint. Bottled in October 2011. pH 3.20 and acidity of 7.1 g/l. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2023) Creaminess here, almost verging on minty, leafy herbs and such lovely fruit beneath, succulent pear and nectarine. There's a suggestion of a more lean, precise character on the palate, a delightful touch of flint, and energetic, sharpening acidity giving very good length. Arguably my favourite wine of this line-up at 11 years old. Bottled October 2012. pH 3.15 and acidity of 6.8 g/l. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2023) I last tasted this in 2016, scoring it 92 points and noting "Will easily age for five years." So, six years on, it is still very composed, nicely wild and herbal around the edges to clear, lightly honeyed fruit. Still hints of herbaceous character with fig and quince, then a fine, sharply-honed acidity into a long, savoury finish. Still with time ahead of it. Bottled November 2014. pH 3.30 and acidity 6.4g/l.
(2023) Restrained aromatically, with cool mint and soft hints of vanilla, but so much greengage and citrus, orange and lime peel in a complex nose. The palate is very harmonious, has a smoother character, and a hint of lusciousness. Holding up really well, the edges rubbed off by time - but not too much. Bottled November 2015. pH 3.18 and acidity 6.2g/l.
(2023) Has quite a leesy and flinty initial character. That is nicely underpinned by that figgy ripeness and nectarine juiciness, creamy and yet sharp. There's roundness and texture in the mouth, hints of exotic fruit, but the clarity of the acid wins through. Relatively low acid and slightly higher pH here, but a generous and effortlessly enjoyable wine at eight years of age. Bottled November 2017. pH 3.20 and acidity 6.0g/l. At time of writing only magnums showing for sale, but 75cl bottle price equivalent is given.
(2023) The nose here is relatively muted, with a creamy, biscuit and almost minty herbal character. There is good fruit, but orange and grapefruit in this vintage rather than the more exotic nectarine.This is a touch more austere than some here, really quite intense, with well-judged acidity giving juiciness. The wine was not bottled until January 2019, perhaps harvested slightly later too in a cool vintage? pH 3.15 and acidity 6.4 g/l.
(2023) Somehow seems more smoky, flinty than the 2019 and 2020, a touch of fig and herbs and peach skins. Limpid and luscious on the palate, that light figgy smokiness continues. There's a creaminess of texture here, the barrel-derived character and a weight of fruit cut by fine acidity. Bottled in December 2019. pH 3.30 and acidity 6.4 g/l.
(2023) An extra half a percentage point of alcohol here compared to the 2020, and there's a really luscious, almost tutti-frutti brightness to the fruit, a real juiciness here and certainly more primary feeling that the 2018. Lots of pithy lemon and grapefruit slicing through the lychee and peach of the palate, a little flinty edge adding to the acid impression. Bottled in December 2020, so almost a year on oak and eight months in bottle. pH 3.11 and acidity 6.2 g/l.
(2022) The 'Old Vines' here are indeed 30 years old, which in Marlborough terms, is truly ancient. Matured in French oak barrels The nose opens with a blast of flint and complex sulphide notes, but so much nutty, vanillin oak creaminess and still no shortage of ripe stone fruits. On the palate, absolutely succulent: juicy peach and ripe, clean pear flavours, but underpinned by fudge and chocolate depth, then thrilling acidity. An outstanding wine, from an outstanding vintage.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 24