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(2023) From the Finger Lakes, a Grūner that's honestly quite unlike any Austrian example I've tried, filled with peachy, very ripe and light-bodied fruit, floral aspects and a sudden peak of grapefruit or sharp lime acidity kicking in on the finish. I couldn't quite get my head around this wine at first, with its easy drinking charms yet nip of Italian bitters in the finish, but a second glass seemed to smooth that out to finish with more of a definite bitter orange and grapefruit tang to make for a pleasing drink.
(2022) A Grüner Veltliner from the cool Finger Lakes in upstate New York, home to some excellent Riesling, so why not Grüner? There's an elderflower and gooseberry twist to this, quite Sauvignon-like, then the palate broadens into a fleshy and ripe, even just off-dry mouthful of peach and mango exoticism. Tangy apple and citrus notes join toward the finish, to leave this very sippable and Oriental cuisine-friendly.
(2022) Winemaker Peter Bell spoke about the difference between the continental climate here in the Finger Lakes, and the more Mediterranean climate of Long island, with a very late bud-break followed by rapid development where the vines 'catch up' with the rest of the state. It also has a little Traminette in the blend, an offspring of Gewurztraminer. Creamy apples and lemons on the nose, a little juicy Ogen melon character and just a hint of florals in this unoaked Chardonnay. Dry, lemony and pithy on the palate, there's ripe pear and apple fruit sweetness, but that pithiness and sharp hint of salinity tightens up the finish. pH: 3.28, Acidity: 6.9g/l, RS: 0.0gl. Seeking UK distribution, this wine has an RRP of $14 US.
(2021) Quite a distinctive Riesling this, with beeswax and light honey, but a whole basket of citrus fruits. On the nose and then the palate, not just lemony notes but distinctive tangerine and clementine, for me to something that reminds me of physalis (Cape gooseberry) and then more citrus in the form of grapefruit into the finish. Really quite an interesting wine, though lacks just a touch of precision on the finish. Price and stockist quoted is for the previous vintage at time of review.
Displaying results 0 - 4 of 4