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(2021) Adorned with '91 Point' stickers from Lidl's in-house critic, but that is best taken with a very large pinch of salt: by any standards this is a pleasant white wine, but ranking it with the fine wines of the world requires a big stretch of the imagination. Made from partially dried grapes, this does not come from Avellino in Campania, home of the most famous Fiano, and indeed may be the local Puglian variant, Fiano Minutolo (I don't know the definitive answer). It has creamy and ripe pear fruit on the nose, a little bit of Picpoul-like herbs, then a sweet-fruited and just off-dry palate, with good stone fruit, apple and lemon zest to finish.
(2014) >From Puglia in the heel of Italy, where the Fiano variety made famous in the nearby province of Avellino, is gaining importance. With only 12.5% alcohol and unoaked this is a beautifully aromatic rendition, with perfumed, lightly floral character reminiscent of rose hips and summer blossom, and clean, fresh yellow plum and apple fruit. In the mouth it is textural and has a pleasing, peachy softness, but there's a bit of steel at the core with dry apple and citrus acidity and a hint of salty minerals. A very nice example this.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2