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(2010) 13.5%, South-East Australia, Screwcap. Pleasantly buttery and creamy nose, a touch of nutty Cox's pippin fruit. The palate has a touch of sweetness, but flavour drops away quickly into a slightly watery finish.
(2003) An old favourite that I haven't tasted for a couple of vintages, this is fat and attractive on the nose, with plenty of ripe, peachy fruit. On the palate a tropical unctuousness, with guava and ripe melon. Acidity is good, but somehow this is a little disjointed and awkward I think.
(2001) Very understated nose with reasonable spiciness and some soft, downy fruit. Soft fruit profile on the palate too, but a bit unexciting.
(1999) The wine has a very pungent, oily, green-bean and asparagus nose. Very distinctive. There are fine, ripe fruit flavours on the palate of apple, melon and gooseberry. The wine has low acidity but good length and avoids being flabby as the soft acidity persists into the finish. A low-key but very tasty style.
Displaying results 0 - 4 of 4