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(2017) Cool, lightly creamy and oatmeally, with plenty of crisp apple acidity, the oak very deftly handled in a balanced and appealing wine. Rounded and textural, with enough peachy ripeness, but a feeling of natural acid balance.
(2017) Ripe apple and citrus, A weighty and gently creamy character, little yeasty notes. Equally appealing palate, weight without being ponderous and good acids to tension the finish.
(2017) Produced by Josef Chromy on contract. A little lanolin note, softer and less sharply defined, the palate balancing nicely between salty acids and a small hint of sweetness.
(2017) From the warmer east coast. Nice waxy and herbal quality, a touch tanky and pear-droppy from fermentation at this stage which makes it more difficult to really assess. A dry, citrus pithy quality, a touch of mineral salts, very tangy and may well be worth a higher score. 
(2017) Delightfully floral and peach downy, with such elegant aromas that are pristine but soft and refined. There's a little smoky and toffee development, but absolutely fresh, the pithy acidity still ripe and balancing beautifully. Quite rounded, juicy and delicious. Note stockist quoted is for the 2015 vintage: this library vintage is not for sale in the UK.
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5