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(2016) Made from 100 % Marmajuelo, another common island variety, this comes from a business founded in 1990 by the younger generation of a long line of grape farmers, based around their 100-year-old estate and dedicated to native varieties. Moving to a new facility in 1997 has helped improve the wines further and expand production. This is a lovely, limpid white wine, described to me as being ‘A bit like Chablis’ by the sommelier in a restaurant, and whilst it does have a limpid clarity and freshness, it is just overflowing aromatically with passion fruit and guava, in a much more vivacious style. It is easy drinking, despite very good acidity, but with a smooth weight of fruit and a hint of minerality too. Terrific and different. 23 Euros in a restaurant.
Displaying results 0 - 1 of 1