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(2017) It's nice to see Walker Bay on a label, as this important area southwest of Cape Town was once the hottest name in the country for cool-climate varieties. But a few years ago a new appellation called Hemel-en-Aarde was created within the Walker Bay area, and most producers switched to using that. There's something retro about the label of this wine, which is fitting. It's a crisp, easy-drinking 'somewhere in the middle' style of Sauvignon Blanc that would please those looking for a bit of Kiwi-like vibrancy and punch, but with a sweet tropical fruit core that is tempered slightly with a more European feel.
(2015) This is part of a more upmarket range made by Newton Johnson, one of my personal favourites in the Cape. This 13.5% alcohol Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from "Cape South Coast" so there could be fruit from such cool areas as Walker Bay, Elgin and Elim in here, but no clues are given on the label. It is bottled with a DIAM cork. Delightful nose, relatively restrained and creamy (could there be a touch of oak here?) with tropical fruit character coming through and just a hint of green herbs and minerals. In the mouth the punch and verve of the Sauvignon really comes through, with lots of fresh-squeezed citrus, but very far removed from the passion fruit and 'sweaty' character that can sometimes detract. More Loire-like in style, but finishes with lovely crispness.
(2015) Newton Johnson again make this Chardonnay, a Wine of Origin Upper Hemel-en-Aarde, closed with a DIAM cork. It also has 13.5% alcohol. It has an alluring nose, the crushed oatmeal and almond of fine French oak, juicy stone fruits and a burgeoning sense of more tropical ripeness. There's an orange rind hint of tang too. On the palate it is beautifully done: the creamy richness of the oak and the substantial weight of sweet fruit fill the mouth, but it is alert and juicy, a fresh-squeezed lemon or grapefruit zestiness running straight through the mid-palate and extending into a long, spicy and fruity finish. Clean as a whistle and perfectly balanced, it's a lovely Chardonnay.
(2013) Softly inviting and very discreetly oaked, with juicy fruit of apples and pear, a touch of riper melon, and just that fine sheen of oak adding oatmeal and cashew. The palate has deliciously sweet fruit, lots of tangerine and nectarine that is exotic but juicy and vibrant, lovely tangy finish too. Very nicely made and well balanced stuff with juicy, pleasing appeal.
(2013) Tight, fresh, crisply fruited with citrus and apple, and has a touch of salty character. The palate is pin-sharp, with a real ripeness to the fruit hinting at tangerine, with really zippy, long finish and plenty of shimmering mineral acidity. Stays on lees for 9 - 11 months with stirring.
(2013) Seems to have a little more creaminess on the nose, a touch more fat, but a fine precise fruit quality. The palate has a really dry character - not so much of the tropical hint, a little more direct, but tantalisingly long and fresh again. A cooler, more dry and apple character.
(2013) A blend of 86% Sauvignon Blanc from elevated vineyards on the estate and 14% Semillon from Elgin. Very fresh, barrel fermentation of the Semillon component with natural yeasts doesn't give too much oaky character, but does add a touch of lemon and lanolin roundness to the aromatic picture. The elegance and freshness of the palate is delicious, with lots of fat lemon and lime, a touch of delicate herb or nettle, but savoury acidity running through to a pithy finish.
(2013) 13.6% abv, 31% new oak. Very tough vintage, rainy. Has almost subsumed the oak completely on the nose, with duller aromatics. Has the fine blast of freshness and high acidity again to make it lemony and refreshing, but no doubt this is simpler and relatively lean without the complexity of the first two wines.
(2013) The fruit for this wine comes from a farm next door the township in Elgin. Lovely fresh nose, with passionfruit and hints of guava and mango, with streaking freshness and beautiful, limpid texture, there is no overt green character, just a touch of soft green herb perhaps. Lovely palate, sweet, sweet fruit, with a beautifully refined and textured finish that is succulent.
(2013) Elegantly fragrant oak, the exotic spices and hints of gently wreathing woodsmoke and vanilla are lovely. On the palate this has plenty of sweet fruit, lots of very ripe melon and moving towards tropical, but then the lovely freshness of the acidity in the finish really comes through, fresh and mineral, giving real light and shade to the wine and a long finish.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 18