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(2023) I often find the sweet spot for me with age statement Tawny Ports is 20-Year-Old, but Taylor's wines are lovely across the spectrum including this 10-Year-Old. Light ruby/tawny colour. Spicy, with lots of walnutty and caramel notes, exotic spices and tobacco. Fruit comes to the fore on palate, red berries perhaps, but the mellow barrel-aged warmth re-emerges into a long finish with a little bolstering tannin and good acidity. What a delight this would be with a baked fig pudding or chunk of mature cheddar.
(2023) Widely available in UK supermarkets, Taylor's 2018 Late Bottled Vintage is dark as pitch and has a floral, violet-edge note to the fragrance, cassis and black cherry following. So much brighter in character than the Fonseca Bin 27 also tasted. In the mouth the 104g/l of sugar plays out with mouth-filling sweetness and weight, ripe berries and again, cherry, with a dustiness to the tannins in teh finish that adds a welcome, ashy dryness to counter the lingering sweetness.
(2020) Simple compared to the older wines of course, but developing the nutty and toffee character over the still vibrant fruit. Really very elegant, relatively light, and delicious. Regular price is round £22, but stocked by several supermarkets so look out for a deal.
(2020) With an average age of 12 years, this is a limited edition presented in a facsimile historic bottle.   Not so expressive on the nose as the 10-year-old perhaps, a sweet, clean spirit but relatively straightforward with tangy dry acids and soft tannins.
(2020) Light pinky-gold and basically dry, a little meaty character, dry figgy notes, a touch smoky. The palate dry and intense, searing acidity, a lovely bracing lick of saltiness in a quite complex and fascinating white Port.
(2020) Bottled 2015, there’s a lovely vinous vintage character to this, a richness and rounded, solid fruit concentration, but the freshness flows through on the palate. Lightened by the acidity and dry tannin structure, this has fruit and generosity but balance too. A lovely style.
(2020) Not so fruit forward or plush as the Taylor's, a savoury character with more black fruit, ash, and the palate dry and savoury despite the lovely and slightly more tart character of the blackcurrant sweetness. Long and elegantly juicy in the finish and very fine.
(2020) More solid colour than the Taylor's 10-year-old, lots of caramel and luscious richness here, the rich red fruits enlivened by good acidity, lovely tang and juiciness.
(2019) LBV, or Late-Bottled Vintage, wines come from a single harvest just like Vintge Ports. They do not necessarily come from years that have been 'declared' for the release of vintage wines, and unlike Vintage Ports, which are bottled after a short period in oak casks, these spend many years maturing in cask, so that they are considered ready to drink on release. After four years ageing in a combination of oak and stainless steel, this has a delightful brightness and elegance on the nose, the spirit disappearing into a pool of pitch-black fruit sweetness and chocolate. Silky on the palate too, the abundant sweetness of fruit is offset by a tangy, cherry-skin acidity, the spirit warming the finish and the coffee and toast adding to that. A lovely wine, drinking well.
Displaying results 0 - 9 of 9