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(2023) A blend of Ports with an average age of twenty years, originally foot-trodden in lagares, but slumbering in the Noval cellars ever since. Half bottles are also available at around £30.
(2020) Another very dense and dark wine, staining the sides of the glass. Darker, earthier and more leathery than the Offley, brooding is the word, liquorice and tar and dark mulled fruits. In the mouth super sweetness here - sweeter than the Offley in perception at least, with a dusty, chocolate-deep edge to the mulberry and blueberry fruit. Smooth and chocolatey in terms of its tannins too, that sweetness carries through confidently, set against a juiciness of cherry and cherry skins acid, spices too, in a very deeply flavoured and powerhouse Port that will need time. No UK stockists of this listed at time of review, but Hic! wine merchant has the 2016 so an indicative price has been based on that.
(2020) Deeply saturated purple/black, there's some similarity to the Romaneira aromatically, with those herbal and ashy nuances to the black fruit, a great sense of concentration and purity too. Just superb in the mouth. The gloss and the weight of the black fruit is fabulous - silk and satin, but the cocoa and damson depth is given additional luminescence by a sweet confture blueberry, before the suede-like, very fine tannins wrap themselves around the finish, the juicy acidity already very well integrated. This is a sensuous and fully-realised young Port, surely with decades ahead of it. Available in-bond, as a six-bottle case, from many fine wine merchants in the UK at time of writing.
(2020) Very deep and opaque in colour, there's a fascinating floral and honeyed note to the aroma, perhaps herbal, but not green, more a slightly exotic touch of pot pourri perhaps. In the mouth this is dense and beautifully sweet and smooth, with a balsamic richness and intense sweet blueberry fruit. Luscious, the firm line of acidity and grippy, spicy tannin kicks in to remind you this is a baby. The wine has richness and weight of sweet fruit concentration, but structure too. It's an approachable and 'pretty' Port this, giving masses of immediate pleasure. Will be shipped October/November 2020.
(2020) Sandeman is perhaps the most dense, almost black colour of the three Sogrape 2018s tasted here. A lovely sense of kirsch-like ripeness and purity here, maybe even Black Forest gateau, with its density of cherry and depth of chocolate. There's a lovely floral lift too, edged with violet and ashy aromatics. In the mouth it is, in some ways, the marriage of the Offley and Ferreira, with the sweet, opulent fruit and creamy openess of the Offley, but the muscle and brooding depth, and structural elements, of the Ferreira. A sumptuous 2018 this, drinking surprisingly well now but undoubtedly built for the long haul. It is the best Sandeman I have every tasted. No retail listings for the 2018 as yet, so price and stockist quoted is for the 2016, and is indicative only.
(2020) Instantly more closed than the older Ports obviously, a taut and slightly impenetrable character at this young stage, but beyond that the fruit is juicy and ripe, cherry and red plum juiciness. Yes, swingeing tannins at this stage, but this has excellent concentration and suggests it will be an superb vintage with time. Long, plenty of extract and substance in the finish. This very young wine is being offered by many independent merchants at time of writing, by the six or 12-bottle case.
(2020) A lovely ashy note to this, dry with a lifted floral character and that lovely hint of volatility that sits so well. Sweet and so juicy on the palate, the rush of sweet cherry fruit and acidity, backed up by the more chocolate and earthy notes, long and spicy tobacco-like, the fruity extract persisting. An approximate bottle price is given: most retailers at time of review are offering this by the case.
(2020) Delightful red fruit driving this, a gentle spirit here, also a gentle coffeeish and nutty savoury character, the red fruit softness is there, but it is taut on the palate, with such an edge: structured, 'iron fist in a velvet glove' stuff with a long, long finish of chocolate, woodsmoke and spice. Many merchants offer this by the case at time of review.
(2020) Gorgeous orange peel and spice, those delightful walnut husk and shellac notes, all so intriguing and savoury. Fabulous caramel and toast on the palate, the sweetness subsumed by the tremendously concentrate nutty dryness. Long - super long - in the finish, with perfect balance. Lots of independent retailers again at £65 - £70, with half bottles around £37.
(2020) Meaty, dark, not quite as expressive and open as the 30-year-old, the palate a hugely concentrated but comparatively monolithic wine, chocolate and caramel, that tang of Seville orange marmalade, shellac and immense length and concentration. Magnificent and profound stuff without any doubt, though the 30-year-old has more accommodating charms. Several merchants offer this in-bond, by the six-bottle case
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 21