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(2021) Pedro Ximénez, or 'PX' grapes are used to make this style: the darkest, stickiest, sweetest and richest of Sherries. The fully-ripe grapes are dried to increase their concentration, which results in a wine that pours mahogany brown, with raisin, chocolate and dried Chinese plum spiciness on the nose, and an engine-oil thick texture in the mouth. Flooded with sweet, plump dried fruits, a lovely edge of coffee and walnut, and just the right zesty orange and lemon acidity, balances the finish. At £12.95 for a full 75cl bottle this is a bargain, for sipping after dinner or matching to rich chocolate or Christmassy-style puddings. Watch the video for more infortmation and food-matching ideas.
(2014) The name of 'Cream Sherry' has been greatly devalued thanks to a lot of cheap and sometimes not so cheerful bottles bearing the name, but when this style of Sherry is good, it can be utterly delicious. This example from the excellent house of Emilio Lustau is made from 75% Palomino that has been through the Solera system, before 25% of Pedro Ximénez, dried on mats, is blended in. With 110g/l of residual sugar it has an attractively sweet vanilla and chocolate nose, toasty and orangy, with a beguiling warmth. So chocolaty and rich on the palate, yet it has delicious tang and freshness without the engine oil thickness of a straight PX. It is gorgeous, nutty and enveloping.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2