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(2020) This is a Manzanilla 'Pasada', so a slightly darker, older style of wine and a little nuttier than a typical Manzanilla. This is also 'en Rama', so bottled unfiltered, basically straight from the cask. It has a light- to medium gold colour and arresting nose of chamomile, shellac, walnut and bruised apple fruit. There's a liniment-like pungency. On the palate it is dry, but richly-textured, with walnut and nutty Cox's pippin fruit, a hint of orange too, and a delicious saline and citrus finish. This would be a terrific festive aperitif with olives or nuts perhaps.
(2014) Nutty, shellac, the whiff of the seaside, absolutely lovely Manzanilla with such a dry, chiselled palate showing bright apple juiciness and lovely balance overall. Lemony and very fine, the salty lick and nuttiness continues onto a long finish.
(2011) More raisiny-complex than your average cream Sherry, with cocoa and coffee notes.
Displaying results 0 - 3 of 3