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(2017) Manzanilla Pasada is dry Manzanilla Sherry from the Sanlucar seaside, aged longer than normal - in this case eight years - for the Manzanilla style. This is also 'En Rama', meaning it has been only very lightly filtered, a popular style of 'authentic' Sherry that is in vogue over the past few years. Lots of Sanlucar briney, salty aromas, nutty, bready, with a nice hint of wild herbs or chamomile flowers too. In the mouth absolutely bone dry - searingly dry - with the seaside tang so pronounced, a hint of walnut and warming toastiness, and a long, dry finish. Watch the video for more information and food-matching ideas. Price for a half bottle.
(2016) A superb 2015 bottling of this 'En Rama' Sherry, bottled without filtration and when the flor is thickest. The same wine is bottled in small batches at different times, and the bottling date is not always identified by the retailer. Having said that, every bottling we've tasted has been superb. Fabulous meaty nose, loaded with dry nutty aromas and the seaside saltiness that can only be Manzanilla, a real basic instinct sense of life and vitality in a superb, complex wine. Price for a half bottle.
(2014) Sainsbury's own label PX is made by Williams and Humbert, with grapes that were hand-picked and dried on straw mats before ageing in oak casks for a minimum of 12yrs. With residual sugar of 385g/l this is a sweet as you like and well up to any super rich dessert. Liquidised raisins, coffee, chocolate and a touch of Pontefract cake. Thick, rich and deliciously chocolaty and dark, the raisin and fudge, the rum-soaked concentration is gorgeous, the acidity pure and beautifully matched, and another example of a great PX - surely one of the great bargains of the wine word?
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