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(2015) From the Atlantic island of Madeira, a modern style of Madeira in a 50cl bottle that has a rich tawny colour and delicious aromas and flavours of walnuts and rich prune and raisins, but also a dark, Seville orange marmalade cut. Tangy, yet sweet, its delightful to sip but would match Christmas morning mince pies so well.
(2011) Selected by Michael Broadbent and wine importer son Bartholomew, this wine made from Tinta Negra Mole was aged in oak casks for at least five years. Cappuccino and rum-soaked raisins, as well as lovely walnut fudge notes are gorgeous and very inviting. On the palate this delicious, marmalade rich and sweet wine has fantastic chocolate richness, intense raisin flavour and sweetness and terrific lemony acidity that just streaks away into the finish. Really a very lovely Madeira this.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2