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(2010) This wine macerates until after Christmas, then spends a minimum of three years in small oak barrels. Ruby hue to the tawny colour. Lovely sweet strawberry fruit to the toffee and deliciously raisiny charcter. The palate has delightful sweetness too, with a balanced, delicious acidity to offset the sweetness (167g/l) and a tang of marmalade richness. 17.5% alcohol.
(2010) Nutty nose, with a flood of orange fruit, toffee and old polished wood. The palate is flooded with beautifully mellow, sweet fruit, but that resonating core of lemony acidity pushes through, giving this lots of precision in the finish.
(2010) 17%. Quite a dark amber/tawny. Very leafy and geranium-like, with hints of nuttiness. The palate has a lovely marmalade tang, the rich, round fruit is deliciously mouth-filling and the acidity is balanced.
(2010) 17%. Bright golden colour. Again that definite geranium lift, with plenty of bright, floral and herbal aromatics. The palate is quite luscious and honeyed, with more bright, tangy, apricotty flavours and relatively soft acidity.
(2010) 17%. Dark, tawny colour. Nutty and deep, with more coffee and raisin qualities, obviously much longer time in barrel for this. Some of that leafy, floral charcter too. The palate has those developed honey and tea-like flavours, delicious toffee sweetness, and a fine acidity to balance and extend the finish.
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5