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(2012) Walnuts, honey and fig in a sweet and dark-hued melange of aromas. The nutty, Seville orange richness of the palate is ravishing. Ravishing on the palate too - rich, liquoricy, bright and focused orange with length and finesse.
(2012) Drier, more varnishy aromas, plenty of nutty and oxidised pleasure to be had here. What a lovely bright tang of apricots - so vital and alive, the sweetness playing against the nutty richness delightfully. Fabulous, a beautiful wine of infinite complexity and interest.
(2012) Walnutty and deep, there are notes of cappuccino and orange here, a dark, stewed fruit compote character too. Wow, what texture on the palate - mind-blowing richness and viscose weight, spices, essential oils, orange and clove, all brightened bt citrus freshness at the core. A fabulous wine.
(2010) 182.20 g/l residual sugar. 18.5%. Deep golden colour. Intense, almost eau-de-vie like notes that are balsamic and rich, with raisin and walnut, but an intense, lifted aromatic too. On the palate the wine is marmalady and rich, but has immediate concentration and acidity that grips. There's a lovely glycerine richness, the palate rich and full with orange and nutty flavours, but fabulous acidity.
(2010) Has a lovely smokiness, some stewed tea and gently rosehip notes, as well as that walnutty background and caramel. On the palate it has that lovely delicacy, with the a red fruit character and lovely bite and delicacy.
(2010) Only 1000 bottles if this were produced, when it was bottled in January 2010. Lots of firm, resinous, shellac-like aromas that are oxidised and quite high and spirity at first, but there is orange peel tang and inviting nuttiness. Caramel and sweet balsamic strawberry fruit, with an absolutely fabulous palate, with exquisite balance, the pear and apple-like acidity against the sweet caramel and walnut depth, and all the time that orange and marmalade richness and depth. The finish is crystal clear, and goes on for minutes. Fantastically intense experience like an essencia or Seppeltsfield Para or other great fortified wines, but with massive acidity.
(2010) 195.60g/l residual sugar. 17%. Dark, nut brown/tawny colour. Has a subdued, older character with little of the Muscat's floral exuberance. Aromas are more of stewed tea and nuts, a little caramel. The palate has full sweetness, the marmalade orange tang and cappuccino richness of the wine giving huge depth and intriguing layers of contemplative complexity. Fantastic acidity sparks it into life, in a profound and deliciously alive wine.
Displaying results 0 - 7 of 7