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(2010) A Rheinhessen wine at 10.5% ABV from young winemaker Charlotte Hess, who brings experience from Australia to the Gunderloch family's operation, and her influence might be behind the screwcaps across the estate's range. This QbA wine has stony, gently nutty, apple skin and pear aromas. The palate is nicely off-dry, with a lovely peachy sweetness and hint of that downy, soft character against really crisp, lime zest acidity. Long and beautifully pitched.
(2006) Very pale. Pear and apple skin aromas, with a slight waxiness and plenty of fruit. The palate is flooded with sweet fruit, with delicate sweet-edged nectarine and peach, but still that white fruit cleanness and firmness at the core. Acidity is lovely, with plenty of verve, but the sweetness balances to give a soft, elegant finish.
(2006) 'Villa' because of picture of the estate house on the label. Pale green colour. There is more of the minerality and herbal quality here. Grapy qualities and firm green apple fruit. The palate has more sweetness, with that herbal edge to really quite ripe, mouthfilling fruit, before the acidity comes through again. There's a firmness and skinny quality to this that for me slightly detracts from the purity perhaps.
(2006) Named after a play written by a contemporary of Carl Gunderloch, that included a character called Jean Baptiste Gunderloch and was loosely based on the family history. Play is still performed in the winery grounds every year. Yeasty nose, with more skin contact quality of mealy richness. Orangy and lemon aromas come through. Mouthfilling fruit on the palate, with a core of minerality, but plenty of flavour hinting at complex smoke, peachy fruit and good balancing acidity. Easy to drink, though Fritz recommends with sushi.
(2003) A blend of Riesling and other varieties from organic vineyards in Rheinhessen, where legumes are planted between rows of vines to loosen the root structure and encourage the take up of Nitrogen. Pheremone traps and natural predators control pests. It has quite a nice nose, with lots of herbal notes and a touch of nettle over clean, bright fruit. Off-dry on the palate, with plenty of fruit and a very commercial style with lowish acidity.
(2001) Pleasant nose with some sherbetty, mineral character if a little subdued. Decent apple and ripe pear fruit, but not as good as the previous wine.
(2001) This adds a leafy, waxy, herbal edge and complexity to beautifully fine, sweet fruit. On the palate a rich mouth-feel and lovely sweetness with notes of syrup and finely-wrought white fruits into a long finish.
(2000) Dry salt and mineral tangyness on the nose with refined notes of apricot and apple. Palate is soft and sweet, quite rich and full-bodied with good balance.
(1999) Medium greenish gold colour. Rather sulphurous nose. Blows off with a minute of constant agitation. Quite a dark liquorice edge - is that just remnants of the sulphur? Lovely cool, melon and apricot fruit with sweet pineapple, syrupy notes. Acidity is there, but maybe not quite enough. This is German Riesling, probably an Auslese. Gets better over 15 minutes in the glass. Still a touch flabby, but good overall balance of fruit/sweetness/acidity. Pleasant aperitif wine of some complexity.
Displaying results 0 - 9 of 9