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(2006) Cask sample. Some yeasty ferment aromas. Ripeness and roundness is obvious, with a lovely floral note here and plenty of minerality coming through. The palate is flooded with a peachy ripeness of fruit, with a downy, softness and a riper pear fruit that is fleshy and mouthfilling (for a Riesling) before some beautiful dry, mineral acidity.
(2006) Cask sample. Again some yeasty banana notes, with a touch of sulphur too, all of which will resolve when bottled. Really ripe, slightly honeyed white fruit on the nose, with a weighty flood of broad-textured fruit: lots of intensity and fruit richness here, with slight clove and spice coming through. Gorgeous complexity and hints of exoticism, with delicious ripeness, sweetness and balancing acidity. 105 g/l RS and 9% acidity. Made from 100% Botrytised grapes, picked in January (so technically a 2006!)
(2006) Slightly yellowey, green tinged. Opulent richness and ripeness here, with exceptional Botrytis character coming through, and plenty of smoke and minerality and just a touch of yeasty character. The palate is crammed full of gently figgy, nectarine and mango fruit, with a delightful mouthfilling richness and plenty of crisp, clean acidity giving a long, gloriously focused finish.
Displaying results 0 - 3 of 3