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(2018) Since I last reviewed this wine it has gained 'Fairtrade' accreditation, but is still 100% País, a local variety, and made by the traditional method with nine months lees-ageing in bottle. A pretty vibrant pink, it's all charming raspberry and summer-pudding fruits on the nose, with a crisp and easy-drinking palate, similar in style overall to a quality Prosecco with its lightness, freshness and touch of residual sugar to ensure quaffability.
(2009) Before we go any further let's get one thing straight: this is a sweet, carbonated, low-alcohol 'blush' Zinfandel which comes with a plastic screw-top in the approximate form of a Champagne cork and can be yours for £3.33 in Tesco. There would be absolutely nothing clever or daring about me running it into the ground, so instead let's accept that it may well sell by the oil-tanker-full to Lambrini girls and consider what it tastes like. Alcohol is reduced by the 'spinning cone' method to just 5.5% in a wine with a bright crimsony-pink colour and a fairly neutral nose hinting at strawberries and cream. On the palate the gentle effervescence is refreshing, and though the wine doesn't taste of terribly much, there's nothing unpleasant and the finish is close to dry. The current heatwave might just be the perfect platform for a glass or two of this.
Displaying results 0 - 2 of 2