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(2020) The new category of pink Prosecco launched a month ago and is already a smash hit. Wines must be vintage dated, and must use Pinot Noir alongside Glera in the blend. This is a very nice example, the mousse frothy and light, the fruit strawberryish and with a certain creamy bob-bon quality, then the palate is basically dry, but there's a strawberry sherbet tang, icing sugar and lemons running into the finish. Note it's down to £8.99 until 3rd January 2021 in Waitrose, and £9.99 on a 'mixed six' in Majestic.
(2018) Made from Muscat, Glera and Brachetto, this is an off-dry fizz with only 8% alcohol, so in the same idiom as the Asti from Martini. There's an added strawberry character joining the icing sugar and lemony fruit, the pale pink colour is appealing and it slips down very easily in a summer-in-the-garden style.
(2014) Made from the Glera grape blended with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Since 2009 rosé wines cannot be classed as Prosecco. Soft strawberry pink with lovely fresh summery fruit aromas and a touch of the floral aspect and pears again. The 14g/l dosage does give a suggestion of sweetness, making this soft and very easy to drink.
(2014) 100% Pinot that spends 36 months on the lees. A touch of copper to the colour, perhaps onion skin. Quite an oxidised style, a touch of mushroomy quality and yeasty. Really nice red fruit component and has a fine savoury aspect with lovely balance.
Displaying results 0 - 4 of 4