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(2019) Delightful, pale lemon/straw colour. Chardonnay-dominant, refined mousse, light, blossom and gently biscuity nose, with lemon and pear. The palate also shows that little biscuity, creamy richness, such sweet and ripe fruit, lemon and peach, then a very fine, fresh finish with precise acidity to give some backbone. Dosage is 6.5g/l.
(2015) The striking feature of Ferghettina's Milledi cuvée (there's a cheaper straight 'Brut' too) is its bottle. Researched and designed by winemaker Matteo Gatti, its beauty is more than skin deep: Gatti claims the square sides allow two and a half times greater lees contact as the wine lays in the cellars compared to traditional bottles. It is a Blanc de Blancs made from 100% Chardonnay, aged 36 months on the lees with a dosage of 7g/l and 12.5% alcohol. Fresh, herby and lightly toasty, it is open and lightly oxidative in style, lovely fruit sweetness coming through with some honey on the palate, a gentle mousse and very good length and clarity.
(2015) The first of two 'Satèn' wines, a distinct Franciacorta style, always made from 100% Chardonnay and bottled at slightly lower pressure, giving a satiny mouthfeel. This was also part-fermented in small oak barrels, aged 36 months, and has 7.5g/l dosage and 12.5% alcohol. Soft, with pear-like fruit on the nose, some exotic fruit hints and the slighly reduced pressure giving a creamy quality to the mousse and palate. Sweet fruit, almost a confectionery quality, but the silkiness conceals a very tight, fresh acid balance.
(2015) Our fourth straight Chardonnay wine, also a Satèn, this time from 2009. Around 40% of the blend is fermented and aged in small oak barrels, and it spends a full 40 months on the lees. The dosage is 7.5g/l and the alcohol is 13.5%. More herbaceous, with more of a bruised apple character, a touch of smoke and minerals too. Juicy and taut on the palate, the mineral complexity shines here, layering of gentle toast and smoke and a bittersweet grapefruit pith finish.
(2015) Another 100% Chardonnay wine, 20% was fermented in French oak barrels and it again has zero dosage, with 13% alcohol. It spends up to 40 months on the lees, and is cool and cris on the nose, subtle vanilla and a floral touch, but seems taut with an apple core dryness. On the palate is is sophisticated and dry, with orange and apple brightness, a touch of toast, and a lively, bright and limey finish.
(2014) Only 6g/l of sugar for this 100% chardonnay cuvée that spends 36 months on the lees. Bold yellow/gold. Beautiful smoky minerality, less honey than the Satèn, and has a cool sense of precision as well as fruit intensity. The palate shows that smoky, flinty mineral style, the fruit sweetness is very pronounced: a really full and rich style but the grapefruit sharpness of the finish punches through the concentration.
(2014) Comes from the oldest vineyards, 30 years old and at 400 metres altitude, giving a very low yield. It is given 60 months on lees. All chardonnay, with a low yield of 40hl/ha, around 40% is fermented in 450-litre barrels. Lovely light gold colour. Brazil nuts and butter flood from the nose. A honey and vanilla weight and yet such pleasing mint leaf and floral nuances. Luxurious on the palate, it retains that pleasing green herb edge, with delicious toast and authority. Not austere, but dry and salty on the finish.
(2014) >From magnum, this had 10 years on the lees. Salts and dry, very fresh aromas. Very, very taut and finely chiselled, white fruits and a hint of cappuccino softness just in the background. The freshness and concentration is on the palate, with a really firm and concentrated core, a touch of that creamy, smoky quality and lovely mineral grip. There's a taut almost meaty character in a singular wine.
(2014) Baked apple pie aromas and lovely fat lemony fruit. Such lovely floral lift and suave, beautifully pitched wine with delicate creamy oak background and shimmering clarity and freshness. Gorgeous.
(2014) Produced only in top years, this vintage wine is cellared for a minimum of 60 months, and is 100% Chardonnay. The dosage is 8g/l, and the wine is fermented in stainless steel. The colour is a pale lemon, with masses of tiny bubbles. It has a cool, fresh, Asian pear and delicately floral nose, with a taut, steely character though there's just a hint of brioche richness in the background. On the palate a lovely bruised fruit quality comes through, a fine yeasty richness, and the sweet apple and custard ripeness fills the mid-palate. Long and shimmering with acidity, this is beautifully done.
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