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(2022) Partial fermentation in oak barrels for this blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir which spent a full four years on the lees (disgorged January 2020). It has 5g/l of dosage. Pale gold in colour, there's so much biscuit and a light almond sheen of nuttiness, a little salty, briney freshness and good, zesty citrus aromas. In the mouth a very satisfying vintage cuvée, despite the low dosage it is filled with ripe and succulent fruit, but the delicate nuttiness, earthiness and that saline character does not falter, the fruit sweetness balanced by a very fine line of acidity.
(2017) A hint of buttered popcorn, invitingly nutty and toasty, the mousse creamy and full, then a fine apple sweetness but dry, apple core acidity, a long structured finish, good acids and intensity of fruit.
(2017) A lot of Champagne-like autolysis, with plenty of yeasty character. The creaminess of apples comes through. On the palate the wine has lovely depth and breadth, a soft mousse, and elegant finish with zesty lemon and a touch of fat lemon waxiness, hints of minerality.
(2017) A blend of 65% Pinot and 35% Chardonnay made by Ed Carr, based on the 2009 harvest. Not the most aromatic of the wines so far, but a racing freshness, and fine sour lemon length and just a little creaminess to the texture, though freshly focused and long and tight.
(2017) A slightly more Champagne-like quality, a touch of oxidation, with a touch of mushroom. More leesy, with fine, bold and bright citrus - lemon and orange. Again feels a touch sweeter than Brut, but could be the pure ripeness of the fruit.
Displaying results 0 - 5 of 5