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(2022) Extra Brut, so less than 6g/l of residual sugar, this bone dry and very elegant Prosecco has delicate jasmine and confit lemon aromas, a certain hint of saline character too. The palate is crisp and light, a little crunchy Redcastle and plenty more citrus, into a very nicely balanced, dry finish.
(2022) A nicely balanced Brut Prosecco from the Rive de Refrontolo, a hillside in Valdobbiadene. I found this to be a particularly estery wine, with notes of banana and peach, and zesty lemon. In the mouth very clean, very precise, still a peachy and slightly tropical fruit quality mid-palate, before cleansing sour apple and citrus acidity gives a pleasingly crisp finish.
(2022) A brand new product, not yet in the UK at time of review, this is a semi-sparkling wine closed with a crown cap and sold undisgorged (and therefore lightly cloudy) in the col fondo or 'pet nat' style. It pours a pale, cloudy gold but immediately has interest with aromas of apricot and yeast, some fine pear and apple too, suggesting a dry character. It is indeed dry in the mouth, the gentle effervesence adding to the volume on the palate, that yeasty, slightly wheat-beer character set against very nice fruit and balanced acidity. Most enjoyable. Should sell for around the same price as the Fagher (£16 at time of review).
(2021) Despite having only 3/gl of residual sugar, there's a soft and easy sweetness to this wine, the very ripe pear and lemon flavours flowing easily after a frothy, sherbetty opening. The wine does finish dry, with even a little salty lick to the citrus sharpness of the finish.
(2021) With around 17g/l of residual sugar this is just perceptibly off-dry, though as usual the lemony freshness of the acidity balances that. A tiny suggestion of toastiness on the nose adds to the juicy pear fruit, while the palate does show some mellow, almost honeyed nuances.
(2021) An Extra Dry wine with 16g/l of residual sugar, this cuvée was created to celebrate the year the cellar was founded: 1957. It opens with attractive super-fresh, sliced pear and apple, some gentle floral nuances. In the mouth there is plenty of pithy lemon acidity to act against the sweetness, and there's a fullness to the mid-palate with juiciness and the cushion of mousse that makes for a very pleasing drink. No UK retail stockists listed at time of review.
(2021) Zanotto make some interesting wines up in Prosecco country. These include a 'Col Fondo' wine, an undisgorged and cloudy example. This is not that; it is more conventionally Prosecco-like, but the addition of 10% Chardonnay along with the Glera grape means it is a Vino Bianco Spumante, not DOC Prosecco. It is Extra Dry, meaning it has has 12-17g/L of residual sugar, so sweeter than 'Brut'. The sugar really isn't felt in a wine that had loads of freshness, with fresh-sliced apple fruit and acidity. There's a little background nuttiness and creaminess, and plenty of vivacious citrus tang in the finish. Watch the video for more information.
(2019) I have a soft spot for this wine, first tasted just after visiting Masi's lovely properties in the north of Italy, and seeing the drying lofts where grapes are dried for their Amarone and other wines. This is a blend of Verduzzo and Pinot Grigio, the Verduzzo having been dried, and though made by the Prosecco method it ends up tasting really quite different, much more herbal and slightly 'wild' character, less pristine and less simple than most Proseccos, some concentration and pithy lemon acidity giving a bit of weight and seriousness.
(2017) From the DOCG area of Valdobbiade,, this has only 6g/l of dosage. The bubbles are medium-sized, and the opening aroma is of fresh sliced pear, though some little icing sugar and white flower notes add interest. In the mouth there's a deal of fruit concentration here, the clean pear and lemon flavours of the grape, that lower sugar and plenty of acidity giving it a touch of seriousness, savouriness, into the finish.
(2016) A new name from Prosecco making refined and basically dry wines, even this 'Extra Dry', with 14g/l of residual sugar (sweeter than Brut) wears the sugar very lightly thanks to pristine apple and fresh-sliced pear aromas, a crisp and frothy mousse, and very clean lemon and apple bite of the fruit. Light-bodied, elegant and refreshing in style.
Displaying results 0 - 10 of 12