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(2022) From vineyards on the hillside of Santo Stefano at 350 metres altitude, this is Extra Dry with around 15g/l of residual sugar. Pouring a pale green/yellow, the nose is delicate, precise and gently floral, leading onto a palate of notable sweetness, the gentle mouse and ripe, sliced pear aroma and flavour staying soft and attractively ripe and sweet, a pithy underpinning of acidity giving balance and enough freshness in the finish. Quite concentrated in terms of flavour. No UK retail listing at time of review, though stock a couple of other cuvées from this producer.
(2022) A Brut Prosecco with a little bit of depth to the colour and a light nuttiness to the otherwise fruity apple and pear aromas. In the mouth nicely dry, with a savoury lemon peel quality and nice texture, a touch of saline character into the finish. Note, price and stockist quoted is for a previous vintage at time of review.
(2022) From cousins of the famous Anselmi family, this is 100% Ribolla Gialla with fruit from the Veneto and Friuli, and is made in a Prosecco style. It's Extra Dry, so has up to 17g/l of residual sugar. It's very pear-like, juicy and nicely balanced by fine apple acidity. I don't find the Ribolla Gialla makes a huge difference from Prosecco's Glera, but it's a well-made Spumante with a hint of complexity.
(2021) A lovely wine this, very elegant and refined, discrete and delicately floral aromas, a touch of icing sugar and meringue. The palate is pin sharp, not too much fruitiness means a more gastronomic, though still featherlight style. A very nice Prosecco this with purity and subtlety.
(2021) A particularly elegant and gentle Prosecco, the mousse a little less aggressive than some and the ripe, sweet fruit and even a little bread hint of autolysis and ozone freshness very appealing. Good balance, the sharpness of the acidity in the Brut wine honing a keen edge.
(2018) A highly unusual sparkling wine from Masi, masters of Amarone, who have used the same appassimento technique, drying grapes on straw mats, for the 25% Verduzzo in this blend, which is fermented along with 75% freshly-harvested Pinto Grigio. It's made by the charmat method as used in Prosecco, and has clear similarities to a good Brut Prosecco (this has around 9g/l of residual sugar), just a gentle effervesence and more of a herby and lemon peel grippiness on the palate, pear fruit and a bit of interesting texture too before a dry, nicely tart apple finish.
Displaying results 0 - 6 of 6